Summer Clean Beauty must haves.

Summer: when days get longer and hotter.

If you want to enjoy to the fullest the upcoming summer days, protection and staying hydrated are a must!

With this being said, I would like to recommend you the perfect clean beauty trio that will help your skin stay healthy, protected, and hydrated.


1. Sheer Zinc Sunscreen

by Babo Botanicals

  • vegan, organic, nontoxic
  • won’t leave any residue
  • calms redness
  • no irritation
  • fragrance-free

You can rest assured that no harmful chemicals are going in/on your skin with this one. This SPF 30 sunscreen will protect the whole family (yes, it’s good for babies, kids, and grown ups too). Also, it’s water and sweat resistant.

I personally have sensitive skin, so this spray is a must for me if I want to avoid any type of irritation or sunburn.

Get it HERE.



2. Tinted Facial Moisturizer

by Raw Elements

  • natural, organic
  • eco-friendly
  • SPF 30
  • water resistant
  • nutrient-rich sunscreen

This one is my go-to whenever I go to the pool and I don’t want to wear makeup but I still want some coverage/protection and a sun kissed look. The fact that this facial moisturizer is tinted: brilliant!

Get it HERE.



3. Cool Aloe Mist

by Farmasthetics


  • all natural ingredients
  • sustainable
  • nontoxic
  • calms burning skin
  • detoxifies skin

To complete the combo, this mist will keep your skin hydrated. Especially if you like to spend more hours soaking in the sun (guilty!), this aloe mist will calm any discomfort of dry, overexposed skin.

Get it HERE.


You can find all these products at Follain– the best of clean beauty, thoughtfully curated.

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*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All my opinions are honest, based on me actually trying these products. If you decide to purchase using my code, I will earn store credit at Follain.

We broke up. Find out why.

It didn’t happen overnight.

It was hard to say goodbye.

It took time to find the right one, to replace the old one.



Before you start wondering what I’m talking about: I am talking about my hair, hehe. As I promised, this article is all about hair!




First, let me tell you my story…

If you don’t know me already, you need to be aware that I am, and always been, a little bit more than just obsessed with my hair. Long gone are the days when I was rocking a perfect straight bang and straighten my hair every day (thinking back makes me laugh so hard). My bang was like a trademark. Everyone that will talk about me will refer to me as: ‘the girl with straight bang’.

Fun fact: I was always caring a small comb with me just to be prepared in case my bang was not perfectly straight. Oh, my!

My hair has been through so many shocks and changes…

Just very recently I decided to adopt a more natural look and changed from platinum/silver blonde to a color that is closer to my natural one. I have always liked a healthy, natural look on a woman, not one that is fake and takes sooo much effort.

This drastic change was not it. I decided that I wanted more. I wanted to break out with the chemicals. FOREVER. I think it’s useless at this time for me to mention how many toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals we put in our hair on a daily basis.

So I made my research and found this awesome natural and organic products that I’m wholeheartedly recommending.


Yes, I have finally found natural hair products that work and that helped me to break out with the chemicals!


  1. Prose shampoo


What convinced me to try it:
  • They work with a certified ‘Prose’ stylist and create a unique customized formula based on your hair needs and goals and much more (what you want to achieve by using their products)
  • Organic and natural (which means that you will not add any harmful stuff to your hair like Parabens, Mineral Oils, GMOs, Sulfates, Phthalates etc.)
  • Awesome reviews from real people (they have a huge customer base)
  • Sustainably-sourced ingredients (eco-friendly)
  • You can select if you want a gluten-free, silicone- free formula or even fragrance free.
  • They thought about your hair in detail (I absolutely love when a company does that). Read the example below:


The Prose consultation takes into account your zip code – to give you ingredients to combat geo-aggressors like pollution, water quality and humidity – and your lifestyle habits like your stress levels, diet and workout preferences. – Prose online


Why I will continue to use it:
  • It matches perfectly my hair needs and goals
  • It does what it says
  • Molds perfectly with my values (sustainable/ethically made)
  • Affordable (starting at $25)


I personally didn’t reach the goal where I can say: ‘My hair is looking it’s best!’ after many changes that it went through, but I believe that once we decide to take this steps we will see major changes, a more healthier look and feel.


Healthy tips:

  • break out with chemicals and stop coloring your hair (if possible)
  • trim your hair (ends)
  • lower the use of hot tools
  • use clean beauty products on your hair like Prose shampoo


Wish you a great hair day!



*2nd hair product that I recommend in my future ‘Review’ articles. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 




Stay conscious. Taking one step at a time.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


With this post I would like to encourage all of you to remain conscious in every single decision that you take. It is so important to not just follow a process, but to understand the process. Why do you do what you do it’s a question that you need to ask yourself. 

If you chose to stick with your previous regular skincare/beauty routine make sure that you have your reasons figured out well. But if you want to transition towards clean beauty here are some little but important steps that you can take:



Toxic → Nontoxic.

Think of the products that you use most and replace them with clean versions.

For me it was hand soap. As a mom, I change a lot of diapers daily – hehe – so I need to wash my hands often. But even if you’re not a mom – washing your hands it’s or it should be something that you do quite often. So this is a small but significant first step that you can take.


Transitioning from toxic soap to clean soap

As I mentioned in my previous clean beauty posts, simple daily actions like washing our hands can be so harmful in the long run if we don’t pay attention at the products that we’re using (it’s like watching your diet: eating French fries 1 time per week may not make you sick, but eating them daily will cause you problems).

For that, I ditched my toxic soap that I was using before and replaced it with this Follain liquid soap. If you want a more minimalistic version, my recommendation for a clean soap bar would be Juice Beauty – Green Apple Cleansing Bar. It is formulated with a variety of organic ingredients like sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and other botanical juices.







Be patient with yourself.

As in everything else in life, in this important transition you need to be patient. You are learning how to better take care of your skin but you don’t have to rush. Pay close attention to how your skin looks and feels after trying new green products.

Even if you are now feeding your skin products from the green industry, different ingredients and formulas will react different on your complexion. Experiment and test these new products.


You don’t have to splurge.

It’s a big old myth that using clean products is way more expensive than using regular products. I can say this with all the confidence because I was one of those that would like to splurge on high end beauty products before transitioning.

Of course, as in any other industry, the clean beauty industry comes with the high end brands. But, with so many options out there, you need to learn where to look at according to your budget. I wrote an article with some clean beauty brands that I personally recommend. Check it out here.

I recommend to start small when first trying and testing clean products. Do as I did and order travel size products. See how they work and if you really like them, buy the standard version.

Another way that will save you some money when testing out products is to bundle up. You can do that by directly ordering beauty boxes. I tried the beauty box subscription from Petitvour and I really liked it (they are shipping products from some of  the brands that I recommend in my articles).


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