Let’s talk CLEAN BEAUTY.

What Is It?

I’ll write it as simple and straightforward as I can:

  • A product (cosmetic, hair, hygiene) that doesn’t contain harmful toxic ingredients/chemicals it’s a clean beauty product.Why?




Why transitioning to a nontoxic beauty routine?

Did you know that it’s not enough to exercise and eat healthy in order for you to be healthy?

I see people around me so concerned about their diets, so concerned to remain on track with their physical activity, but they forget about the products that they apply on their body on a daily basis.

Imagine how many times you apply makeup to go somewhere, shower, shave, even the daily act of washing your hands, etc. If you don’t watch what products you’re using, you can do more harm than good to your skin (which fyk our skin is the largest organ in our body).

All these conventional beauty products are full of harmful chemicals. All these awful chemicals end up being absorbed by our skin. Is like feeding your skin junk food every single day! The toxic products you are using are impacting your health and – even if you don’t want to read this – they actually lead to many diseases.


“The major sources of toxins entering through the skin are the cosmetics and toiletries we use. Think of everything you rub or spray onto your skin on purpose. Do you read the labels? You should think of cosmetics as food. Ideally, you should only use cosmetics that you feel safe eating, because, just like food, they will end up circulating in your blood.” –Dr. Alejandro Junger, Clean


We even have days in which we believe that we pamper ourselves… but we don’t realize that the toxic products we are using are actually doing more harm than good!

IMG_6496How To Start?

There are many things to be discussed but this present article is meant to be an ABC guide for the people that just made a decision to transition from using harmful makeup beauty products to clean beauty. We will discuss more on this subject in my next articles.

That being said, one first important step that you can take is to educate yourself in this matter. The fact that you’re reading my article means that you’re already doing this, ha!

Watch the labels and start learning the names of the ingredients that you should stay away of. Here is a small list that you can start with (15):






Propylene Glycol


Sunscreen Chemicals



Heavy Metals


PEG Compounds




How I started?

I actually wrote a short article about this, click here to read. (you will find a promo code)

I’m talking about some brands that I like using, like:


Ursa Major


Indie Lee

Other brands that I recommend are:

Kjaer Weis






How to get bright, firm and glowy skin. It worked for me.

Ok, so we had already talked about the importance of cleaning your face the proper way using the right daily moisturizer for your skin type and not over exfoliate your skin.


In my previous blog post (click here if you missed it and want to read it) I also recommended you some of the products that I use on a daily basis from Quench Micro Water Complex.

This is the set

Now I am going to give you some extra tips and recommendations for you to achieve a brighter, healthier looking, glowy skin. This is not a sponsored post. As always, all my opinions are based of my personal experience (me trying these products for more than 2 months).

With that being said, I am very happy with the result after using the Luxology Retinol Concentrate and the Dermatologica Biolumin-C Serum.


Hello, brighter skin!

Letting aside the fact that this cream stood out for me from the get – go: the gold rose appeal, the name of the brand ¨Luxology¨ haha and the 24 KT, I have been using it every evening before bed.



I have sensitive skin so, at first, I was a bit hesitant because on the package it’s saying that it can cause redness due to Retinol.  My skin gets red very fast but I gave it a try. Now I can say that this face cream it’s a keeper and it’s going into my night-time routine.

As I said, I apply it to clean dry skin before going to bed. The first 5 seconds you will feel a sensation of tightness which is normal and means that the product is working. Call me weird, but I love this sensation. Then, when you wake up, you will notice a striking difference.  That is what convinced me. My skin looked flawless and so bright and fresh that I didn’t even had to apply something else.

In the mornings, me and my little girl, Joellen, have a routine morning walk so I was so happy that I didn’t have to worry much about getting ready. My skin looks good every morning and all that I do is to put my hair in a ponytail, get dressed, and get out the door.

I have been using it now for more than 2 months and I am really impressed with it!


Hello, firmer skin!

This is the second recommendation:  the Dermatologica Biolumin-C serum.


This product got my attention from the first use. One morning  I was in a hurry and because I’ve just arrived home from a long trip I didn’t get the chance to unpack. I didn’t have time to go and search into my makeup bag, so I just grabbed the first thing that was in my drawer that could replace my daily moisturizer – this serum.

I am one of those persons that likes to stick with a routine and an organized schedule even when it comes to makeup, but this time around I needed to be heading outside my home. Let’s just say that punctuality is more important to me than sticking to my makeup routine. Priorities! I was ready to apply my foundation, but I needed my skin to be ready.

I grabbed the serum and used it as a base for my foundation. I didn’t regret it! My makeup looked flawless all day long and I felt my skin firmer having the serum as a makeup base. Everything happens for a reason, people, haha!

I continued to use it afterwards and now I am thinking to replace it for – e – ver. It´s very rarely for me to fall in love with a product so hard, but it happened. That’s why I’m writing about it.

Using these 2 beauties daily: the Luxology cream in the evening and the serum as a makeup base, my skin has never looked and felt so healthy, bright, and firm.

Try them both and let me know what you think!

*Be aware that you’re not going to see the best results using these cream/serum if you don’t get enough sleep (I am guilty of this) or if you don’t watch what you eat.