Reading and drawing space for toddlers. Easy and fun ideas for small spaces.

You know those times when it’s too silent in the house and you wonder what it’s actually happening? What is your little munchkin doing right now? You walk towards the room while dozens of scenarios of what could it be happening are playing in your head…

Is it the dirt from a houseplant? Is it your makeup bag that it’s being inspected throughout fully? What can it be?

I am not saying that my child is perfect (cause I am writing the previous lines from experience), but so many times I was completely wrong. I was so impressed to just see her sitting on her little pink couch (click here to see the couch transformation) and reading.

There were days (oh glorious days!) in which she would spend between 30 and 40 minutes reading. My girl is an 18 months toddler, so when I say “reading” I mean looking at the pictures in the books.

So seeing this happening, I knew that I had to buy more books. And I did it. But when the books became too many I needed a place to store them.

We were having this old piano bench laying in our house with no specific purpose. I immediately thought of ways in which I could use it for my daughter’s room.

This was my little project:


You can see how old and bad looking the wood from the piano bench was.

I used some white, nontoxic chalk paint and brushed all over it, even inside. I left unpainted just one side (the part that you first see when you open the piano bench). Then, I used a black, nontoxic chalk paint.

Hint* In order for the chalk board to be smooth and easy to draw on you need to sprinkle some chalk dust on it and then wash the board completely. 

To do that (if you don’t already have some chalk dust), you need a regular piece of chalk and a small knife that will help you scrape the chalk dust.

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After following these steps the chalk board is smooth and ready to be used.

I placed some of the books in the storage space inside the piano bench, alongside with some chalk markers (that she will use to draw, EVERYWHERE).

I recommend using these types of markers (pic. b) because they are very easy to remove from every surface (walls, sheets, toys or anything else that your child will like to transform into a masterpiece, hehe).



Another important detail were the protection pads (pic. b) that I attached on each corner so she will not hurt her fingers when she tries to open and close the piano bench.

pic. b
pic. b


Of course the space inside the bench was not enough to store all her books so I ordered online some cloud shelves, like these ones.

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I added some white toddler chairs and voilà! Now she has a reading and drawing space – her own little library. It’s perfect for small spaces and it can be done so fast and easy.

If you don’t have a piano bench you can use a small toddler table/desk, a small coffee table, or even a small drawer that can be attached to the wall.


You can even fit 2 chairs if the table is long enough. This is the final result: