Breakfast in bed. Wood tray set review.

Everyone that really knows me is aware that I looove to decorate. I could stay in an interior design/furniture/homeware store for hours without getting bored. I know exactly what I like and when I find “that something” that is awesome (design, quality, price), I am not keeping it for myself. That’s the case with these pine wood set of trays.

I love when I can use a product for multiple purposes, and even though these trays arrived in my mail just one week ago, I cannot stop using them!


Seriously, I use them all the times. Below are some examples:

When I want to have some time for myself and enjoy reading a good book and a glass of wine. Did I mentioned that these trays are processed with a smooth surface finish which repels any type of liquid or moisture? Even if I spilled some wine on the wood tray, still I could wash it off and the tray looks like new.

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When I want to enjoy one of my favorite lunches. These trays are very easy to carry. So, if I just want to move around the house with my plate, fork, glass etc. they makes it very easy!

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Perfect for breakfast in bed (for the same reason I mentioned before, even if they are 100% natural wood – they are sooo light!)

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I use the middle serving tray when I want to indulge a little snack while watching my favorite show, SURVIVOR!!! This one is a perfect fit for my ice cream and my remote control, hehe. I like to keep the remote close to me in case something needs to be “fixed”.



The smallest one is perfect for my decorations!

Whenever we have guest and I want to serve them with something, these trays always come in handy! They make the job easier because I can carry, move around, and serve.

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Last but not least, I found these trays very helpful for displaying all of my fun cupcakes.




*You can find the recipe here → Nutella and cream cheese cupcakes with a twist.


In conclusion, if you want some real wood, qualitative, nice looking trays, this is the way you should go! I will definitely keep an eye on Ripe Collective brand.

I am sure that you also have items that you use for basically everything. Isn’t it nice when you find something that can do that for you?


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post. Ripe Collective provided me with one set of trays in exchange for my honest review (Amazon). I chose to write this post on my blog because I was impressed with their product and customer service. All opinions and pictures are my own.