Breakfast in bed. Wood tray set review.

Everyone that really knows me is aware that I looove to decorate. I could stay in an interior design/furniture/homeware store for hours without getting bored. I know exactly what I like and when I find “that something” that is awesome (design, quality, price), I am not keeping it for myself. That’s the case with these pine wood set of trays.

I love when I can use a product for multiple purposes, and even though these trays arrived in my mail just one week ago, I cannot stop using them!


Seriously, I use them all the times. Below are some examples:

When I want to have some time for myself and enjoy reading a good book and a glass of wine. Did I mentioned that these trays are processed with a smooth surface finish which repels any type of liquid or moisture? Even if I spilled some wine on the wood tray, still I could wash it off and the tray looks like new.

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When I want to enjoy one of my favorite lunches. These trays are very easy to carry. So, if I just want to move around the house with my plate, fork, glass etc. they makes it very easy!

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Perfect for breakfast in bed (for the same reason I mentioned before, even if they are 100% natural wood – they are sooo light!)

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I use the middle serving tray when I want to indulge a little snack while watching my favorite show, SURVIVOR!!! This one is a perfect fit for my ice cream and my remote control, hehe. I like to keep the remote close to me in case something needs to be “fixed”.



The smallest one is perfect for my decorations!

Whenever we have guest and I want to serve them with something, these trays always come in handy! They make the job easier because I can carry, move around, and serve.

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Last but not least, I found these trays very helpful for displaying all of my fun cupcakes.




*You can find the recipe here → Nutella and cream cheese cupcakes with a twist.


In conclusion, if you want some real wood, qualitative, nice looking trays, this is the way you should go! I will definitely keep an eye on Ripe Collective brand.

I am sure that you also have items that you use for basically everything. Isn’t it nice when you find something that can do that for you?


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post. Ripe Collective provided me with one set of trays in exchange for my honest review (Amazon). I chose to write this post on my blog because I was impressed with their product and customer service. All opinions and pictures are my own.

Funny gift idea. Get inspired. Create. Photo collage. “Science Spectrum & Omni Theater”, Lubbock, TX.


ψ So last week we went to the “Science Spectrum and Omni Theater” with Joellen and she loved it. Her favorite part was to sit at this desk and to “present the news“. She did a great job, haha. I took a bunch of pictures of her and because she is so expressive I thought I can display them all together doing this funny collage (or at least funny to me, lol).

ψ I was thinking to print this ten pictures out and write down some captions for each one of them. Then, I can arrange them in this order in a frame and offer them as a gift to my husband. I am sure that he will love it!


Here are the pictures:




You start out all ready, concentrated, and ready to give your best.


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You make sure you know what your duties are…


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What in the world are these kids doing?!?


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I don’t know if I should be doing anything. At this point I am afraid to ask.


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Hello! Can anybody hear me?


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Where is eveybody?


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Maybe doing puppy eyes to my boss will work.


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Hmmm. I am on air. Live!


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Get inspired and create your own photo collage! Then, print it out and enjoy the memories that you’ve made.





1’st birthday party ideas for girls. Part 2.

As we promised (Esther and I), we are going to give you some extra ideas for your little one’s first birthday party. The first thing that we are going to talk about is the famous and most expected birthday cake.


image1 (1)


♥ Everytime I’m thinking “birthday cake” the “happy birthday song” starts playing in my mind like a soundtrack. I think that is because as a child I was always so enthusiastic to see and taste the delicious cake. The climax of a fun birthday party was indeed a good looking and yummy cake. So let’s not just talk about it but look at this pretty cake ideas.

It is always good to have options. In this case, you can order it or bake it.

♥ If you are planning to throw a big birthday party or you find yourself in a similar situation as Esther, then you need to step up your game when it comes to t.h.e cake. Why am I saying this? For example, my dear friend has Korean roots so for the traditional 1’st birthday they make a big celebration; it is called Doljanchi. So, especially if you have a lot of guests you need to make sure that there will be enough cake for everyone.

♥ You can choose either multiple cakes or you can go for a big 3 level cake, like this one. The cake in the picture was made for 50 servings and it was vanilla raspberries rose flavor. Isn’t it lovely?

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♥ For a more elegant/classy look try letting the cake aesthetic as simple as possible, marking it with flowers or just some simple details. Less is more always, even when it comes to cakes. Do not overdo it.

♥ If you’re going to bake the cake by yourself and you’re going to host the birthday party (having over just few family members and friends), this is one of the ways you can go – a simple, girlie birthday cake.

♥ What did I choose? My daughter’s favorite milk cake. I baked two alike, place them one on top of each other, added some cream in between the layers, and spread some pink cheesecake cream on top. I also added some juicy cherries and blueberries because they are some of her favorite fruits. Of course, you can add whatever fruits you prefer. Then, I decorated using again blueberries and some icing white flowers.

Fun fact: because I was in such a hurry, I placed the candles wrong. I mean, it depends of the perspective from which you look at the cake. Haha.

Here is the cake:

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♥ Besides the cake, you can place other trays with cute and healthy desserts. I did a bunch of treats but I managed to take pictures just to some. Here are some ideas:

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Little girls love pink butterflies, especially the ones that they can put in their mouth and taste delicious. I ordered these ones from a french bakery in town. Then I added the white flowers.

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A good hack is to bake or buy some number “1” cookies that you can later decorate using different piping techniques.  A little detail can give a whole new twist to a simple cookie. Place some blush pink flower cookies next to them on a crystal plate and that will make the desserts pop up and look fabulous (like these ones that Esther ordered).


Use some piping techniques also for some simple muffins and turn them into sophisticated looking cupcakes.

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♥ If you want a healthier version of dessert, I must recommend this tasty looking tarts.


I bought them from the same french bakery where I bought  the butterflies. They are filled with rich vanilla cream, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, grapes and oranges. These ones were gone so fast! I am happy that I was able to take a picture of one of them though.

♥ I also wanted to serve some fresh fruits and this idea seemed perfect for me. I bought some ice cream cones, filled them with different types of fresh fruits, and place them on a tray. You can also make a bowl of your cream of choice (as a dip).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

♥ For Joellen’s birthday party I also did some simple appetizers that looked and taste very delicious (we will talk about them in another blog post).

Fun activities


♥ Who doesn’t love piñatas? You get the chance to take all your anger out by hitting a nice looking cardboard figurine. In exchange for that, you get to pick up from the floor lots of sugar candies (the sugar will make you feel even better, haha). Letting the joke aside, kids love piñatas.

♥ I am pretty sure that you will have as guests kids of various ages, so this shall be fun. You can let them take their turn in hitting the piñata with the stick. You can start from youngest to oldest (in this way “the grownups” can try it too).

♥ The piñata in the picture was made by me (I used cardboard and coffee filters). A good idea is to choose a piñata that will match your birthday party color theme. In this way you can also display it as a decoration before you use it.





♥ A very simple and fun activity (that doesn’t require to many props) is to fill a whole room with balloons. Then, let the kids enter one by one. As silly and easy as it may sound, this was a hit for Joellen’s birthday. She had a blast playing with them!

I took this picture after she finished playing (that’s why the tired look on her).



As I said before, don’t forget to have fun, be creative and enjoy every single moment of your little ones life!


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Note* This is PART TWO out of two from the “1’st birthday party ideas for girls” series.