From ZERO to HERO. Comfort Works slipcover review.


Do you want to add some personality to your couch/loveseat?

Are you looking for a new sofa?


Whatever might be the reason – here me out!

The couch in the photo below is the first couch my husband and I ever had. Hard to believe, right? Well…we were living in a small apartment and back then we needed a small couch that could turn into a bed – a small sleeper sofa. So, this “Solsta” IKEA blue navy sofa was a good choice. It might not look like, but this couch becomes a pretty good size bed.


Here is how the couch looked when we just bought it





So…being our first couch and having multiple functions I had a hard time trowing it away. Plus, I have always liked to give a second chance to old objects, restore them or make the best out of them.



Here is how the couch looks like after 2 years of being used

Yiikes! You can notice how the blue navy is not so blue anymore, haha. The material looks very worn out creating an overall sad look.

canapea zero

I thought about different options in order to transform this couch. I wanted a material that will match with the fabric of our living room couch, which is a rich luxurious velvet indigo blue. I was having in mind to place this couch in my daughter’s bedroom. I looked around at different materials but I couldn’t find anything that I really liked.

Searching online and reading some interior design blogs, I discovered Comfort Works. They are offering custom made sofa covers and replacement slipcovers. My first thought was “Ok, this site looks pretty cool, they even have free worldwide shipping but do they have a slipcover for my poor looking sofa? And if they do, there is no way that I could find a velvet material.” I was going to find out that I was completely wrong !

On their site I was able to find exactly what I needed. You just have to pick the type of couch that you own and they make sure that you get what you want and need.

Below there is a video in which I show you how simple it is to pick the perfect slipcover for your couch.


Also, if you desire a specific material or color, if you want to feel the material and see how would it go in your room, can send you some fabric samples.

Did I mentioned that this handmade slipcovers are coming with a 3 year warranty?

My sofa cover arrived on time (the estimate delivery takes between 1 and 2 weeks). It was packaged in a very cute way.
















I was very excited to put it on. For some reason I was thinking to set apart some time in my day for this process. I don’t know why I was thinking that it’s going to take me some time to set everything into place. In reality, everything was very easy because the covers come with labels, like this one:


So my slipcover was on in less than 3 minutes. I made sure that everything was in its place and then I was ready to throw some pillows on and make my small couch look comfy and chic.


Voila! Here is the final result:

hero1hero2IMG_3285 heroooIMG_3307


Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post. Comfort Works did not provided the slipcover in exchange for my review. I bought it with my personal money. I really like the product so I decided to share this article with you. Maybe your couch needs a transformation and this solution may sound tempting (instead of not giving any change to your old couch and thinking to get rid of it).