Safe skincare products to use while pregnant.

If you’re looking for safe, nontoxic, clean skincare products that you can use without stressing out if they are good for you and your little one– you are in the right place.

The products that I’m going to talk about are not just safe products but they are all natural, organic, meant to nourish, protect, and prevent.

Being a mom myself (having a 2 year old daughter) and expecting my second one, I had  to research and try several different clean beauty skincare products in order to make sure that they are actually helping me during my pregnancies.

I believe I came a long way since my first time being pregnant. I’ve learned a lot about safe and clean ingredients.

I know how stressful and time consuming it is to make sure you buy healthy and efficient skincare products while pregnant. That’s why I want to help mamas or mamas to be by sharing all my best finds.

Here is what I recommend:



For shower/bath: Juice Beauty. The Organic Solution

Green Apple Body Cleanser

I’ve been loving to use this refreshing cleanser in the shower. It has a light organic formula that lets my skin feel and smell amazing (it contains organic apple and grape juice).

You can rest assured that this product is safe and good for your pregnancy. They are all formulated without harsh chemicals. No parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

I bought this one from their site, over here. You can buy this product by itself or take advantage of the whole set (just $30), as I did. The set contains: body cleanser, body moisturizer, plus a hand cream. All amazing!

If you want to read more about the ingredients list and the other benefits, you can find it all on their site. They ship their products fast and secure.


For breastfeeding: Erbaviva Organic Skincare

Nursing Balm


We all have heard the beautiful stories and the amazing connection that God created between mother and child when breastfeeding. Unfortunately, these are not the only stories that we hear. We also read those horror stories about breastfeeding: the pain and the discomfort that comes with it. I guess nothing really beautiful comes easy!

For some breastfeeding doesn’t hurt (lucky mamas) but for me, my first time was so painful that I knew I needed as much help as possible to eliminate/reduce all the pain and troubles.

I’ve learned that is better to prevent than to go all in into an area that is new and you cannot know how to handle. This Erbaviva Nursing balm made everything much easier for me.

You can start using it during the 3’rd trimester and then continue to use it while breastfeeding. It is safe for you and baby, formulated with organic cocoa butter, calming chamomile and calendula.

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For baby: Erbaviva Organic Skincare

Baby Body Wash


I was not going to end this article without talking about this baby wash. Your baby will love it (you can use it too). It cares for and cleanses all sensitive and delicate skin.

The organic mandarin and calming chamomile  makes bath time a pleasure.

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Disclaimer: I purchased all these products with my personal money. As always, my reviews are honest, based on me testing all the products that I’ve talked in this article. I am offering a discount code at Follain because I am a clean beauty ambassador with them.








Summer Clean Beauty must haves.

Summer: when days get longer and hotter.

If you want to enjoy to the fullest the upcoming summer days, protection and staying hydrated are a must!

With this being said, I would like to recommend you the perfect clean beauty trio that will help your skin stay healthy, protected, and hydrated.


1. Sheer Zinc Sunscreen

by Babo Botanicals

  • vegan, organic, nontoxic
  • won’t leave any residue
  • calms redness
  • no irritation
  • fragrance-free

You can rest assured that no harmful chemicals are going in/on your skin with this one. This SPF 30 sunscreen will protect the whole family (yes, it’s good for babies, kids, and grown ups too). Also, it’s water and sweat resistant.

I personally have sensitive skin, so this spray is a must for me if I want to avoid any type of irritation or sunburn.

Get it HERE.



2. Tinted Facial Moisturizer

by Raw Elements

  • natural, organic
  • eco-friendly
  • SPF 30
  • water resistant
  • nutrient-rich sunscreen

This one is my go-to whenever I go to the pool and I don’t want to wear makeup but I still want some coverage/protection and a sun kissed look. The fact that this facial moisturizer is tinted: brilliant!

Get it HERE.



3. Cool Aloe Mist

by Farmasthetics


  • all natural ingredients
  • sustainable
  • nontoxic
  • calms burning skin
  • detoxifies skin

To complete the combo, this mist will keep your skin hydrated. Especially if you like to spend more hours soaking in the sun (guilty!), this aloe mist will calm any discomfort of dry, overexposed skin.

Get it HERE.


You can find all these products at Follain– the best of clean beauty, thoughtfully curated.

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*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All my opinions are honest, based on me actually trying these products. If you decide to purchase using my code, I will earn store credit at Follain.

Mom deserves the best. The perfect gift for every mom. Mother’s Day.

You cannot go wrong when choosing to gift skincare!

And this is not any type of skincare, but products that are clean, nontoxic, and are meant to nurture and take care of your skin.

My favorite clean beauty retailer is Follain. Why? Because they are the best of clean beauty, thoughtfully curated! Because you can rest assured that everything you buy from them is CLEAN, HIGH-PERFORMING & HAND-PICKED.

They have the largest list of restricted ingredients because they don’t like to compromise health for beauty. And this is something I also truly stand firm for (that’s why I became a Follain ambassador).

All the products that I recommend below are products that I personally tried and currently use in my daily skincare routine.


1. Indie Lee Duo

COQ-10 Toner & Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil


I have been raving about these products for quite a bit now because they really work. You actually get what they promise they’ll do. And there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you invested your money in something that truly works.

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This toner is perfect for every mom that wants to maintain their young skin at any age. The Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera help hydrate, balance, and refresh the skin for an all day healthy look.

Get it HERE.


The Squalane Facial Oil diminishes the appearance of age spots, leaving the skin looking flawless and smooth. It also helps the skin’s elasticity.

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Get it HERE.

Use my code ref_vanessamartinez77 and get 15% off on any Follain order. If you hurry, you will also get free shipping (no purchase minimum).


2. Osea Cleanser

Ocean Cleansing Milk


Designed for sensitive, dry, and mature skin, this cleanser will transform your mom’s skincare routine into a pleasure. After a busy, tired day, removing your makeup can be the last thing you’ll want to do.

With this gentle formula, I guarantee that your mom will look forward to unwind, massaging the creamy cleanser into her skin.

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Get it HERE.

3. Farmaesthetics Mist

Cool Aloe Mist


Help your mom detoxify her skin by gifting her this amazing Aloe Mist. This is the mist that you can take with you after a sunny day at the pool/beach or just carry it in your purse for whenever you feel like you need to refresh your skin.


Get it HERE.


4. Raw Elements Moisturizer

Certified Natural Sunscreen Tinted Facial Moisturizer


For the moms that like to keep it simple when it comes to their skincare/makeup routine, this product it is a must have. Apply it in the morning and your face will be protected by the sun rays (SPF 30) plus you’ll get a nice sun kissed look without even applying foundation.

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Get it HERE.

You can read more about product 3 & 4 HERE.



Have fun shopping for the woman you love! My mom deserves the best, that’s why I chose Follain!



*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All my opinions are honest, based on me trying these products on myself. However, if you decide to purchase using my code, I will earn store credit at Follain.