Ritotrike: the trike that does it all. Honest review.

I was searching online for a trike that is good quality and will last. I found much more with this Rito trike. We fell in love with it and now I want to share with you why this trike is something that will make any trip/walk so enjoyable and easy.

It’s not just a modern/fashionable trike but it’s such a functional smart trike. What it’s awesome about this one is that you can use it from as young as 10 months to 5 years of age.

(the movie has a better quality when watched on mobile device, not desktop)


Other amazing features:

  1. Foldable
  2. Has storage space
  3. Har bag/purse hook
  4. Adjustable canopy
  5. Qualitative
  6. Super smart and safe


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  1. Just by pressing some buttons this stroller-strike can be folded so easily. It’s perfect for traveling, no matter if you decide to take your car, plane, or any public transportation.
  2. The storage space is awesome when we go to walk and play outside. I like to place my daughter’s toys in a small toy box and then place it in the trike storage space.
  3. At first, you may not think at this little detail when you shop for a trike, but the people from Rito thought about everything. I tend to carry so many things in my bag on long walks. It can get pretty uncomfortable. When we take our riot trike out, it’s so easy to place my bag on the little hook.
  4. This canopy can protect your child from sun rays, snow, or even rain. It can also be removed or completely folded back so your child can enjoy the view.
  5. We chose the Black Rito Plus Folding Trike which has air filled rubber tires. Our rides are smooth and, unlike most of the trikes out there, this one doesn’t make any uncomfortable sound.
  6. I can say that these are two of my favorite features on this trike. Why? Because as a mom you want your child to have fun while riding his/hers trike but you also want your child to be safe/protected.



Parents can have full control of this trike and can block the handle-bar so it will not spin right-left. This way you can change the direction very easy and it will not be influenced even if your child moves it.

Also, the Rito trike has folding footrests (for the stage in which the child will not be able to use the pedals), and a safety guard (besides the seatbelt).


I was very impressed with this company not only because they design such an awesome product but also because:

  • the shipping was free (Yeey! Who doesn’t love free shipping?)
  • fast and safe delivery (it took less that a week and the box was very well packed)
  • professional customer service (all my questions were answered very clear and fast)

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Where can I get it?

Click here to see the trikes.



Hope this review will help you make a smart decision. Hugs!


*Disclaimer: I purchased this Rito trike with personal money using a coupon code that the company offered me in exchange for my honest review. All my opinions are trustable and honest.

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