Make and tell. Intentional living.



  1. Define your purpose and your values.
  2. Make choices that reflect those values.
  3. Start somewhere. Little steps count.
  4. Creative, simple ideas that can make a huge difference.



Living intentionally means to live according to your values, having set a purpose for your life.

For me, living intentionally means to glorify God with every one of my actions, my values being set by His Word.



To make choices that reflect my set of values is to add practical actions that support my values.

Out of love for God and His creation – human beings and the astonishing nature – I start to examine more deeply my everyday actions and to take little but important steps towards honoring, loving, and protecting these two.



I’m a firm believer that every time we try to implement something new in our life we need to start slow and steady. Discouragement is something that hits very hard and fast, so be aware.

Every decision that you take with the purpose of glorifying/obeying the Lord will be attacked.



Because I like to let you always with a creative, sustainable idea, that can make a huge impact on our planet, here is something that you can do:

Start by asking yourself this question: what if I reuse an object instead of trashing it?



Reusing glass bottles


What you’ll need:
  • painting brush/sponge (I used a little makeup sponge)
  • acrylic paint

It cannot get simpler that this. So, after you enjoyed your drink in a glass bottle, instead of trashing it, remove all stickers by washing the bottle in hot water.






Then, chose a color of your choice and start painting. I chose bronze because I really like how the tree detail that is on the bottle stands out.





I read that some people recommend pouring the paint inside the bottle and gently shake the bottle so the paint can spread. (I tried it with acrylic paint and it didn’t work out so well, maybe it will work if you use other type of paint).

Let it dry thoroughly.


Final results:





Reuseing initial glass containers from your favorite dessert.

Again, after I ate my dessert from this glass container, instead of trashing it, I decided to wash it and reuse it for one of our favorite sweet treat, this crème brûlée.




You see, it’s all about moving forward! Little actions like these ones can help you implement in a creative way different sustainable techniques that fit your lifestyle.



Author: vanessamartinez77

Personal blog Hi, I'm Vanessa! I'm from Transylvania but currently living in the USA. I love God, photography, interior design, painting, fashion and everything related with art and beauty.

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