Let’s talk CLEAN BEAUTY.

What Is It?

I’ll write it as simple and straightforward as I can:

  • A product (cosmetic, hair, hygiene) that doesn’t contain harmful toxic ingredients/chemicals it’s a clean beauty product.Why?




Why transitioning to a nontoxic beauty routine?

Did you know that it’s not enough to exercise and eat healthy in order for you to be healthy?

I see people around me so concerned about their diets, so concerned to remain on track with their physical activity, but they forget about the products that they apply on their body on a daily basis.

Imagine how many times you apply makeup to go somewhere, shower, shave, even the daily act of washing your hands, etc. If you don’t watch what products you’re using, you can do more harm than good to your skin (which fyk our skin is the largest organ in our body).

All these conventional beauty products are full of harmful chemicals. All these awful chemicals end up being absorbed by our skin. Is like feeding your skin junk food every single day! The toxic products you are using are impacting your health and – even if you don’t want to read this – they actually lead to many diseases.


“The major sources of toxins entering through the skin are the cosmetics and toiletries we use. Think of everything you rub or spray onto your skin on purpose. Do you read the labels? You should think of cosmetics as food. Ideally, you should only use cosmetics that you feel safe eating, because, just like food, they will end up circulating in your blood.” –Dr. Alejandro Junger, Clean


We even have days in which we believe that we pamper ourselves… but we don’t realize that the toxic products we are using are actually doing more harm than good!

IMG_6496How To Start?

There are many things to be discussed but this present article is meant to be an ABC guide for the people that just made a decision to transition from using harmful makeup beauty products to clean beauty. We will discuss more on this subject in my next articles.

That being said, one first important step that you can take is to educate yourself in this matter. The fact that you’re reading my article means that you’re already doing this, ha!

Watch the labels and start learning the names of the ingredients that you should stay away of. Here is a small list that you can start with (15):






Propylene Glycol


Sunscreen Chemicals



Heavy Metals


PEG Compounds




How I started?

I actually wrote a short article about this, click here to read. (you will find a promo code)

I’m talking about some brands that I like using, like:


Ursa Major


Indie Lee

Other brands that I recommend are:

Kjaer Weis






Author: vanessamartinez77

Personal blog Hi, I'm Vanessa! I'm from Transylvania but currently living in the USA. I love God, photography, interior design, painting, fashion and everything related with art and beauty.

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk CLEAN BEAUTY.”

  1. Within the past 3 months, I swapped out all of my beauty & skincare to clean beauty and it’s the best decision I ever made! I love Follain also 🙂 So happy you mentioned them! I feel like “slow and steady” is a good motto for beginners who feel overwhelmed by the information, don’t you think?


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