How to make your own natural, vegan, repairing face oil. Facial oil for dry skin.

October is here and very soon we will say ¨Hello, November!¨ As the season is changing, also your skincare routine needs to change.


Personally, I have never been a crazy fan of facial oils. I still wonder why, because they are awesome! ♥♥♥ There is a reason why all the skincare world is raging about them! They really work out wonders.

Well, maybe one of the reasons why I remained with a bad impression about facial oils is because of this episode:

I remember that one day I got very hyper about one of my favorite cosmetic brands because they had just launched a new facial oil. This one was promising to renew dry skin and make it feel and look healthy. Back then, I was living in Romania, it was winter time, so my face was desperate for care and hydration (as beautiful as they are, winters over there are very rough).

Filled with excitement, I went and bought the most expected, miraculous facial oil, but after using it for some time I realized that it was not so miraculous. It didn’t do what it was promising. More than that, I got very nasty breakouts. And I very, very rarely get breakouts.

Long story short, in the end I realized that the problem was actually me, not the facial oil. That particular facial oil was just not meant for my skin type. After this episode, I made some research, asked my mom (which is a certified professional), searched the market, and discovered two great oils that worked for my skin type (which back then was dry).

The perfect combination for my dry skin type was rosehip seed oil combined with lavender essential oil. The rosehip seed oil is a very good moisturizer while the lavender oil hydrates and restores your skin. Both of them are also great anti-aging oils.

How to make it:

  1. Choose a base a.k.a ‘carrier’ oil. This will be the foundation of your oil (mine was the rosehip oil – 2/3 of the container).
  2. Add some drops (between 3-7) into the base oil, mixing after each drop.

How to use it: after washing your face, apply a few drops to your fingertips and gently massage into your skin (face and neck).




*Some extra tips:

  1.  Never apply oil on a dirty face – it will seal in all the dirt that has been accumulated in your skin.
  2. Don’t trow your facial oil bottle after it is finished. Reuse it for a new customized oil. (If you don’t have a bottle for your facial oil, you can find one here.
  3. Other oils that work for dry skin: sweet almond oil and avocado oil.
  4. Store your facial oil away from the sunlight.








Author: vanessamartinez77

Personal blog Hi, I'm Vanessa! I'm from Transylvania but currently living in the USA. I love God, photography, interior design, painting, fashion and everything related with art and beauty.

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