DIY girl room wall art. Minimal, modern and easy to make.

If you want something minimalistic that looks beautiful for your daughter’s room, try out this idea. It has been done many times but I am going to show you how to do a simple girlie painting that will actually last in time.


Last week I was in Hobby Lobby to buy my art supplies and I saw this painting in the kids room decor section. It was somewhere around $27, which is not a bad price, but I though to myself that I can transform it into a DIY project.1472570-0617[5]

You will need:

• 1 regular canvas (you can use any type and size of canvas)

You can choose between a regular ready to hang canvas or a more professional canvas that you can later frame.

• black paint (or any color you want your lashes to be)

• white paint

• modelling paste (optional)


• 1 regular painting brush

• medium glaze (optional)


How to:

First step that we need to do is to prep our canvas. I like to make a mixture of modeling paste and white paint. I am using modeling paste because I like the finish that it gives to the canvas (also makes the painting last in time). But you can prep your canvas by doing 2 coats of white paint.

You may say: ¨Why adding 2 coats of white paint to a canvas that is already white?¨ Well, think of it in this way: preparing the canvas is like applying primer on your face before the actual foundation. If the skin is moisturized and well prepared, then your makeup is going to last more and look fresh during the day. The same principle applies also when we’re talking about paintings.


Second step is to draw our lashes. You can do this by hand or you can print out some black lashes on a piece of paper. (I said black because this color will show best). You can tape the piece of paper that you printed with some scotch on the back of your canvas and draw the contour.

Do not worry if your lashes are not perfectly symmetrical. Actually, they will look more realistic if they are a bit different.

Tip: do this step with a regular pencil so if you mess up you can erase and start all over.

Third step is to paint with black paint (or whatever color you prefer) your lashes.

Voila! Your painting is ready!


Optional steps

  1. I like to finish my painting with a coat of medium glaze. This will give my painting an awesome shine and also will make it last in time.
  2. If you want (before coating the painting with glaze) you can write something cute like ¨Sleep tight¨ or ¨Good night¨.

I decided to let mine simple, just with the lashes. I wanted a minimalistic look, and I am very happy with how it turned out. It looks so beautiful in my daughter’s room. She loves it too and she always points to it.

Here is how mine looks like:




If you would like to see or purchase my paintings, click here: gallery.








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