5 gift ideas for her 2018. Gift ideas for women. Find your perfect gift.

If you have a hard time thinking what gift should you buy for her (your wife, mom, sister, daughter etc.), I’ve got you covered. I will give you 5 awesome gift ideas, affordable but stylish.


ψ You can pair this gifts with a handwritten note/card or a bouquet of flowers and you are pretty much set. You can thank me later.

ψ All the gifts bellow were purchased by me or have been offered to me as gifts by my husband, so I can assure you that they are fabulous, qualitative and stylish.

ψ If you ask me – whenever you buy a gift – you pretty much have 2 options that stand out: you may opt for the personalized gifts or choose the classic approach. What I will show you is even better because this gifts are classic ones but with a twist. They are classic but better, unique gifts for her:


1. Luxurious Lipstick Trio Chocolates



♥ Who doesn’t love chocolate, right? But I’ve got something more special: a box of 3 glam lipstick chocolates. Yes, you read well. This box of luxurious chocolates has 3 stylish gold premium milk chocolates, shaped as lipsticks. They come in 3 different shades: blush pink, supple pink and bright red.


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You receive them packaged in a beautiful, feminine looking box, ready to be offered to the woman you love.





Where can I find it?

I’ve got mine from Maggie Louise Confections.


2. Customized modern cutting board


♥ If you know that she likes to cook and she gets very creative in the kitchen, this is the perfect gift for her. Instead of picking a dull, boring looking  cutting board, this is the way you should go. This marble rose gold blush pink metallic cutting board has been designed by the artist Nature Magick and will be the perfect addition to her kitchen utensils.

Where can I find it?

I’ve got mine from  Society6 (they offer free shipping for your first order plus their customer service is awesome).


3. Personalized necklace




♥ With this one you have plenty of options. Depending of the price you want to pay for her jewelry. You can choose silver, gold, rose gold or whatever material and color you know she likes to wear. Mine is a gold rose necklace that says ¨wifey¨but you can pick other designs that fit perfectly to the person that you have in mind. She will love it.

Where can I find it?

Mine was offered to me by my husband. He bought it from a German store in Fredericksburg, Texas. But do not worry, I can recommend you a perfect site where you can find beautiful personalized unique necklaces. You can find all of this at Made with Love by Angie (you can personalized them by adding names, dates or even special characters).


4. Customized laptop skin or laptop case

♥ When you first think of this idea maybe you don’t see it very gift worthy or glamourous. But a laptop case/skin can be a very well thought gift if you choose it well. If you know that she likes to spend time on her laptop you can pick a very modern, uniquely design laptop case/skin made by a talented artist. She will love the new look of her laptop and she will think of you every time she will use it (wink. wink.).

Where can I find it?

Because I like abstract art, I´ve got mine customized by the artist Elizabeth Karlson. She also has a store on Society6 site or you can find her at www.elizabethkarlson.com where she has her own art shop.





5. Unique hand painted artwork

♥ If you know that she loves art, interior design, or she just plays with decorating her room, office or house, you can always stop by my site, in the PAINTINGS section. You can find so many different types of paintings: abstract art, child room/nursery decor, paintings with a message, etc.

This one below is an original painting, displayed on a 16X20 high quality gallery canvas that showcases beautiful blush pink, gold, grey, bronze and teal nuances.




So here you have it! Five original gift ideas. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments bellow.


Author: vanessamartinez77

Personal blog Hi, I'm Vanessa! I'm from Transylvania but currently living in the USA. I love God, photography, interior design, painting, fashion and everything related with art and beauty.

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