Resting in His affirmation.

And a voice came from heaven, <<You are my beloved Son; with You I am well pleased.>> Mark 1:11


I found this affirmation to be the most alluring way in which God Himself talks about His only Son. I’ve always seen this verse as an amazing verse in which God, the Almighty Father, declares who Jesus is. He is not a regular man, but the Son of God Himself.


Shot this picture one week ago and made me think of this verse from Mark.


I don’t know why, but all this time when I was reading this particular verse I was thinking how perfect Jesus was – how pure and sinless that the Father could say that He is pleased, ¨well pleased¨. In that moment Jesus is commissioned for a task that only He could ever complete.

Just reading it again this morning I realized how important it is what the God of Universe is saying about His Son. The Holy Spirit made it so clear to me that in this affirmation rest our whole life as Christians. Why?

Because my Salvation depends on this affirmation!

If God was not well pleased with His Son, knowing that He is perfect, God and Man, perfect in His obedience at the cost of dying on the cross, then you and I would never taste  God’s amazing grace. We would never receive salvation.

Salvation came through Jesus being perfect and dying on the cross; it was possible because God was pleased with His Son, knowing that He will fulfill His mission on Earth. Salvation came because God’s just wrath was satisfied. Because He was pleased in the Person of Jesus Christ which choose to die for us. How amazing is this!

How amazing it is to read this verse and understand that it is not because of you. God could never be completely pleased with you because you are a sinner. You and I without Christ can never please God.

But you, accepting the sacrifice made at the cross by Jesus, can take this affirmation as God would say: I am well pleased with you! Not because of you, but because you have believed in the One in whom the Father delights.


Behold my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen, in whom my soul delights. Isaiah 42:1


Author: vanessamartinez77

Personal blog Hi, I'm Vanessa! I'm from Transylvania but currently living in the USA. I love God, photography, interior design, painting, fashion and everything related with art and beauty.

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