1’st birthday party ideas for girls.

Part 1.

Note* This is PART ONE out of two from the “1’st birthday party ideas for girls” series.


Shout out to all mommies out there!

Coming from another mom I just want to start by saying: “You are doing an awesome job!”

Everybody knows that it is not easy to be a mom: to love/care for everyone, stay up late, keep things organized and clean, plus all the other exciting things that we do as moms – let alone to raise humans. So with that being said, we are here to help.

I just want you to know that we’ve got you covered with at least one thing. Yes, you know what I am talking about. We are going to talk about something F.U.N. The big 1 YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY PARTY.  As amazing and terrifying it may sound that your little one is growing so fast, her first birthday ever is approaching. No matter if you are thinking of organizing something small or you’re planning to throw a huge birthday party, I hope that these ideas will come in handy.

I mentioned “we” instead of “I” because for this article I teamed up with my beautiful and talented friend, Esther Joh-Mueller. She is having an amazing sense for polished, refined things and takes great pictures. Besides our shared passion for photography, we discovered that we have so many other things in common. We are both from Europe, currently living in the USA. She is Swiss and I am Romanian, both of us moms. I am blessed with precious Joellen Alice and she is the mother of angelical Chloe. Esther is expecting baby number 2, baby boy Silas – how exciting!!!

The point is that we both experienced the emotions of our children first year birthday party. And we would like to share with you guys some ideas that may inspire you.

You should definitely check her Instagram account “chloeandsilas” and follow her if you want to be blown away with her unique style and creativity. Esther also has a very captivating YouTube channel – “Esther JohMueller”. Make sure you check that also and SUBSCRIBE for more fashionable videos and room tours.

Without more further ado let’s jump right into this article!

Outfit ideas

There is no rule for dressing your baby in a certain way for celebrating the big ONE. I will show you 3 suggestions. The first one that you can opt out is a classy feminine traditional outfit that precious Chloe is wearing.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Little Chloe wearing a traditional Korean dress called Hanbook


The second option would be the outfit that my little baby girl Joellen is wearing. This look is composed of 3 pieces: a soft zephyr colored bodysuit, stripe flare pants and a textile flower hairband/hair accessorie. I bought this outfit from a local designer and I was very happy of how comfortable and joyful Joellen was while wearing it.

IMG_3337 comp




Because Joellen got to celebrate her birthday twice – one time just with her family and the other time with family and some of our dear friends and their kids, Joellen’s friends – she got to wear also this gorgeous princess like dress.



A closer look of the pink with gold insertions princess dress



Décor ideas

Flowers are always adding a touch of elegance. You can notice how combining different types of pastel natural flowers brights up the room and makes a huge difference in the place where you are hosting the party.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Beautiful Joh family



Depending on what theme color you have for your party, you can play around while decorating using fresh natural flowers. For Joellen’s party I used 5 vases with pale pink and white roses that I displayed on the main table like this one.


Balloons are a great and chic idea to showcase the fact that this is indeed your baby first birthday ever. Choose between writing the number down, as I did with Joellen’s gold balloons, or to go for the actual number 1. For girls, pink and gold balloons are going to look amazing as they will stand out.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Other amazing option that you have is to combine the flowers with the balloons, like Esther did for Chloe. Choose something simple for the balloon if you are going to add more flowers or try out decorating with a colorful balloon and simple flowers.


In the two pictures of Chloe you can see how the white vintage high chair stands out because of the flower-balloon garland.

One last thing, do not forget that whatever you decide to do, you need to have fun, be creative and enjoy every single moment of your little ones life!



PART ONE:  Outfit ideas (traditional, modern, and princess like)

                      Décor ideas (flowers and balloons)

PART TWO: Food ideas (cake, healthy treats/desserts)

                      Fun activities (piñata plus other fun games)


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